Pet Portraits by Thomas Clausen

Drawing of Azura the cat in pen


This custom drawing is of a cat called Azura. I did this artwork from a photo provided by Azura’s owner after having seen my art online. I started by sketching the portrait roughly in a hard pencil in order to find the correct proportions. Then I began drawing fur with a thin pen. Some places I do this with a very light hand to get a very thin line, like it can be seen on the nose. At other times I put a little more pressure on the pen and draw the lines in a more concentrated mesh, in order to get a darker and richer tone in the fur. For the eyes and the blackest areas of the fur, I used a thicker pen to get a more massive blackness. In drawing the eyes, I made sure to leave two little white “reflection” spots that make the face come alive. I’m happy how this drawing turned out, and I think that it had caught some of Azura’s engaging and playful expression.

This drawing is in pen and done on watercolor paper in A4 size.

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