A pencil drawing of three cats

Commissioned portrait drawing of three cats un pencil

This portrait was commissioned by a cat owner who wanted to have a drawing of her three cats all together in one picture. As most pet owners (or even parents) might know, it’s no easy feat to get a group og three to sit in formation and act nice in the same time, so this composition is actually a result of cutting and pasting and merging three photos into one. This presents some potential challenges is terms of differences in light and shadow. If the ideal photo can’t be found, you’ll just have to compensate. In this case, one cat had much larger pupils than the others because the photo was taken in different lighting conditions. I don’t often do pencil drawings, but I think that this one turned out really well, and I hope that it will make for a good memorial piece of the three cats together in the future. I’m looking forward to do more pencil drawings in the future!

This is a drawing in pencil, done on watercolor paper in A5 size.

Read about this work on my blog


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