Drawing of a dog called Liberty in ballpoint pen and watercolor

Commissioned dog portrait in watercolor and ballpoint penThis is a portrait I did in pen and watercolor of a dog called Liberty. Liberty has had a long career as a therapy dog, but as time goes by, he’s getting older which is why his owner approached me to discuss commissioning a portrait of him. I suggested a drawing in ink with added watercolor, and the client and I then settled on a good photo to use as a reference. During the process of executing this commission, I stayed in touch with the client, showing her some progress photos to which she added her input, and when we were both happy with the result, the portrait was shipped to the US.

“As Liberty is getting older I realized I wanted a drawing of him that captured his personality and spirit. I was impressed by Thomas’ drawings and how life like they were using pen and pencil. I discussed with Thomas what I was looking for in a drawing. I gave him various pictures that I felt captured Liberty ‘s personality. Together we agreed on a picture that portrays Liberty. Thomas provided me with updates of his progress and I was able to see Liberty come to life in a drawing.
Thank you Thomas for bringing Liberty to life in a drawing I will cherish it forever!   🐕 ”
-Maggie, Owner of Liberty





This is a drawing in ballpoint pen and watercolor, done on watercolor paper in A5 size.

Read about this work on my blog


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