Double cat portrait of Mauricio and Allie in watercolor and pen

Portrait of two cats called Mauricio and Allie in pen and watercolorThis is a double cat portrait that I’ve recently been commissioned to do by someone who intends to offer it as a gift. The cat to the left is Allie and the one to the right is Mauricio, and I’m told that they’re a couple! I did this portrait using two photos of each cat and merging them together. I first did a light sketch of the shapes in pencil, and then drew the details in ink pen. After that, I added watercolor. This piece is on A5 sized watercolor-paper.

The client mentioned that it was important that the pink knitted flower worn by Allie the cat was included because, supposedly, this was a gift offered by the gentleman(cat) beside her. In including this element, I also sought to bring out some of the red tones in Allie’s fur. Mauricio has green eyes, and his collar and tags match them in color, which is also something I tried to bring out. I also took care in having the bright blue tones of Allie’s eyes reflect lightly in Mauricio’s fur, the goal being to keep the image harmonic.

You can read more about Mauricio and Allie on the blog “The Cat On My Head

Allie the cat with her portrait


5 thoughts on “Double cat portrait of Mauricio and Allie in watercolor and pen

  1. We love this couple – they’re very good friends – and I can’t say enough that you captured both of them TOTALLY in this work. Beautiful use of color in particular – it’s incredibly well done as it looks exactly like both of them………

    Pam (and Sammy)

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