Portrait drawing of Mia the cat


Mia is the “sister” of another cat, that I have done a pet portrait of, called Benji. After the loss of Benji, the owner wanted a portrait of her new pet to go on the wall next to Benji, so I set out working on this drawing, first by sketching it loosely in pencil, then gradually adding strokes of black ink. This drawing is smaller than what I usually do – only about 6 x 6″. Mia is a brindle tabby – and her voluminous, fluffy fur can prove a challenge to draw.

This drawing is for sale € 35 click the link to see my other pet drawings for sale


5 thoughts on “Portrait drawing of Mia the cat

  1. Hi Thomas….haven’t seen your work in a while – this drawing of Mia is spectacular. She is so “live” she’s almost off the page. You have really fine-tuned your pet portraiture and it’s simply “spot-on” !

    Pam and Sammy

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