Pet Portraits by Thomas Clausen

Drawing of a cat called Benji in watercolor and ballpoint pen


This beautiful cat is called Benji. I was approached by his owner who wanted me to do a portrait of her cat who had some health issues. Working with great photos and a really handsome cat made the task easy, and I think that the end result turned out really good. With this piece, I started out by making a drawing with black ink. I use a very thin edged type of ballpoint pen, that I find work really well for fur and light detail. Then I applied some watercolor to the drawing to make it come alive. I think this worked really well for this portrait. For the background I opted for a light green to contrast the reddish hue of the cats fur as well as bringing out the color of the eyes, and lastly I added some white gouache for the whiskers and the highlights of the eyes.

The drawing in ballpoint pen and watercolor, done on watercolor paper in A5 size.

This drawing is for sale € 65

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